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CLASS TWO – Beginning Interview Techniques

1) Skills needs for interviewing

  1. Preparation and research
  2. Building on questions
  3. What is "listening" and what is the importance of listening
  4. Open-ended questions and how to get more than a yes or no answer
  5. Follow-up questions
  6. Options for recording interview
    1. Notes
    2. Tape recorder
    3. Video recorder

2) Interview the teacher

  1. Each student asks a question about the teacher
    1. Questions should build on one another
    2. Feedback is given about each question
      1. Did it build on the previous question?
      2. Was a follow-up question needed?
      3. Was it a "yes" or "no" question?
      4. Were listening skills used?

3) Address concerns about what happens during an interview

  1. What if the person doesn't want to be interviewed?
  2. What if the person doesn't know anything about what they are being asked?
  3. What if the person is shy or afraid?
  4. What if the person becomes upset while talking, and cries?
  5. What if I can't think of another question to ask?
  6. What if they ask me about myself?
  7. What if there is a specific topic they don't want to talk about?
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