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CLASS FOUR – Research and Preparation

1) Visiting interview subject

  1. Class is given a one paragraph description of the interview subject who will be attending Class Six
    1. Sources for visiting interviewee (ask staff for suggestions of senior who is vibrant and coherent)
      1. Senior Center
      2. Church or Synagogue
      3. Veterans Groups
  2. Example for one paragraph description
    1. Anne Feinstein was born in Poland in 1920. In 1939, Germany invaded Poland and began rounding up Jewish residents in Anne's town, Lodz. Her brother was captured and sent to the Auschwitz Concentration Camp. Anne and her parents went into hiding, aided by gentile neighbors.

2) Class is divided into research groups of 3 – 5

  1. Groups are assigned to research a specific topic pertaining to the interview subject
    1. Based on the paragraph description above, topics might include:
      1. Nazi Germany
      2. Poland in the 30s and 40s
      3. Concentration camps
      4. World War II
      5. Anti-Semitism
      6. Righteous Gentiles (non-Jews who helped Jews)

3) Assignment

  1. Using the library or the Internet, research one subject area
  2. Write a 3 – 5 paragraph report on the subject area
    1. This assignment can be done during class or as homework.
    2. If the school has a library, contact the librarian prior to assignment. Librarian can have specific materials available for the students.
    3. If the school has a computer lab, contact the instructor prior to assignment. Instructor can have specific Web sites bookmarked for the students.
    4. If assigned as homework, contact the local public librarian prior to assignment so he/she can be prepared to help students.


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